Pet Friendly Restaurants in and around Kleinmond

As we approach the Christmas season, more and more families are going on their annual holiday, and taking their pets along as well.
With this in mind, we have compiled a list of restaurants which are pet friendly allowing you to enjoy your holidays visiting restaurants together with your family and your fur baby.
The list which we compiled is by no means exhaustive and we would love to hear from you should you find other pet friendly restaurants, which we have not included in our list! We are particularly interested in restaurants in the Overberg.

Here is the list:

  • Gabrielskloof Restaurant (Caledon) 028 284 9865
  • Honingklip brewery and Restaurant (Botriver) 082 735 9865
  • Kabeljoe’s  (Kleinmond) 078 018 4788
  • Sandown Blues (Kleinmond) 082 566 4368
  • Pickle and Smoke (Kleinmond) 079 918 0381
  • Cup’a Cafe in the Yard (Kleinmond) 028 271 4609
  • Harbour Corner Restaurant (Kleinmond) 082 727 2102
  • Gringo’s Waterfront Saloon (Kleinmond) 083 448 2363
  • Dutchies Beach Restaurant (Hermanus) 028 314 1392
  • Burgundy Restaurant (Hermanus) 028 312 2800
  • The Milkwood (Onrus) 028 316 1516
  • Blue Gum Country Estate (Stanford) 028 341 0116
  • Fisherman’s Cottage (Hermanus) 028 312 3642
  • Madre’s Kitchen (Stanford) 028 341 064
  • Jack’s Cafe (Betty’s Bay) 083 554 7789

Wishing you all happy holidays from your KAWS team!



Paws Pad burns on dogs

It’s December and summer is in full swing! As responsible pet parents, this means that we should pay even closer attention to our pet’s needs. Of course we need to ensure that they have enough water at all times and also have shade where they can relax.  Paw pad burns are something which is very often overlooked but can cause severe pain and distress to your pet. It is thus vital to look out for paw pad burns on your pet when they are left outside or after they have been taken for a walk.

During peak summer, keep your pet’s walk as short as possible unless you are walking your dog in the early morning when it’s still cool, say before 09h00  and again, after 19h00 in the evening. This will ensure that your dog will firstly not overheat and suffer sun stroke, but will also ensure that his paws are fully protected!! We all know how hot it can be and how when we kick off our flip flops our feet burns and we can hardly walk on a hot pavement, now imagine that this is what a dog is faced with each time he has to go for a walk when it is super hot outdoors!! Where ever possible, during peak summer when the temperature gets to 30 degrees and more, try to keep your dog indoors, only letting him out for a toilet break!! Our pets can also suffer heat stroke which can be life threatening.

Please also make sure that after your braai that hot coals are not left accessible for your pet to accidentally walk on. Fire and chemical burns also account for a lot of dog paw pad injuries and this is something which can so easily be avoided!! We all know how awful it is when we have a blister on our foot, for  a dog this must be excruciating to have his paw pads burnt and then to have to walk on blisters as well!! If the blister ruptures this can also cause infection on your pets’ paw which is extremely painful for your pet. Should your pet have a paw pad burn or develop a blister, please take your dog to your nearest vet as soon as possible. The paw will most likely be bandaged and the dog will need to rest and of course, avoid hot surfaces.

To avoid these burns from happening, your dog should be getting them stronger throughout the year. To help do this you need to walk your dog on hard concrete surfaces throughout the rest of the year.

Hill’s Transforming Lives Campaign

Help Us Win with Hill’s Transforming Lives Campaign

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has launched an exciting competition – – in which you can win amazing prizes and also help us and other animal charities and shelters.

Simply go to the website and share your own story about how Hill’s food has transformed your pet’s life. If you don’t have a story to share (or don’t have a pet) you can simply like or share some of the stories already on the website. There are some incredible ‘tails’, it’s really worth a visit for all animal lovers.

Each month 10 winners will be randomly selected. They receive a shopping voucher worth R3, 000 (for Woolworths or Takealot) and can nominate their favourite registered animal NPO/charity to receive R3,000 of Hill’s pet food. That’s R30, 000 of Hill’s food being given away each month, from now until end December.

Even more excitingly, in January 2018 one main winner will be chosen to win a Grand Holiday Prize worth R50 000 and R50 000 for their chosen charity (in either cash or Hill’s food).
Each time you share your story, persuade a friend to share their story, or like / share a story on the site that has touched your heart, you receive an entry into the competition.

We would love you to participate and nominate us as your chosen charity (if you are lucky enough to be selected as one of the 60+ winners).  Please spread the word and increase the chance of us benefitting from these wonderful prizes.

The full t&c’s for the competition can be found here.