Colby’s story

I’m a lucky dog and this is how it all started!

About a year ago my mom decided to go for a daily walk and to take a walking companion with her from KAWS.  I was the lucky one chosen to go with her!

In no time at all we had become firm companions, easily recognisable from afar. My mom with her hat pulled low over her eyes, her red walking stick and me close on her heels.

In summer we walk on the beach and she has taught me not to be afraid of the waves.  I’m quite brave but still very careful and don’t go in too deep.  When it’s not too hot she sometimes takes me for a long walk up Jean’s Hill.

Now, that is quite a thrill! So many new smells and the view from up there, over our village, is quite spectacular. I know this because she rubs my ears and tells me to look at the beauty around us.  The other day I fell into the weir just above the golf course and couldn’t get out.  My mom was so brave and very quickly came to rescue me.

Recently my mom’s beloved kitty passed away and she decided to take me home for week-ends at first but now I am living with my mom and dad as a foster ‘kid’.

At first it was a little strange not to be at KAWS amongst all the noise and activity of the many dogs that live there.  But, I have a very cosy bed, delicious food, special treats and, most of all, an abundance of love.  I know how much she loves me because she calls me her ‘dog-a-log’!

I also know that I can go anywhere with my mom because I trust that she will not let anything bad happen to me. She always takes a bottle of cool water for me when we are on our walks.

So, while I think I’m a lucky dog, my mom has told me how lucky and privileged she is to have me in her life!


Lilly’s Story

It was late one afternoon when I was out for my usual walk around my local main road. It was a hot day, and I remember being tired and thirsty and thinking to myself, “how on earth am I going to get across this road as there was so much traffic!” I then noticed a lady who seemed to be following me, and calling me, though she had no clue about my name!! My first thought was that I remember my mom telling me not to get into any car with a stranger and so I started to trot along a little faster but she kept following me!! So I did what I do best: I simply started to run and hoped that I could avoid this crazy person who seemed to be following me now in her car!! Can you believe it!! She followed me then in her car, pulling over to the side of the road and tried to get me to get into her car!!! On the one “paw”, I could hear my mom saying, “Darling, don’t ever get into a strangers car” but on the other “paw” she looked like she wanted to help me!! I decided to play hard to get, and to see whether she really wanted me or not!! So I dodged her, came a little forward and eventually, my game changer was that I ran into the middle of the road, with this crazy lady after me, (she even stopped the traffic) so I simply gave in and fell on my back, and allowed her to pick me up and put me into her car!!

We drove for a while and she talked to me all the time, telling me how beautiful I am (as if I didn’t already know that) and that she would eventually be my new mom!!! I didn’t believe a word as humans haven’t always treated me very nicely!

I was taken to a place called KAWS where I met Aunty Riekie and Uncle Devan and they took really good care of me as the lady who said she would be my mom tried to explain to me that she lived in a place called Germany but that she would come back for me in a few months and then she told me to hang in there! In the meantime, she said that I was as beautiful as a little flower and she gave me the name Lilly!! I love my new name!! It’s the first time that I have a name all to myself!! I sometimes remember people shouting “brak” at me but I don’t know why as that wasn’t my name!!

I hung in there for about 3 months, playing with my new friends, barking hello to Aunty Riekie and her team in the morning when they brought me my delicious breakfast!! Have I mentioned that breakfast, lunch and supper times are my most favourite times of the day!!

Anyway, can you believe it, but that lady who promised to be my mom, actually came back from Germany and she is now my Mom!!

The best part of it is that I have this awesome dude now who likes to call himself my brother!! His name is Leo and he is my best friend in the whole wide world!! Leo and I run around all day and have I mentioned before that breakfast, lunch and supper are still my most favourite times of the day plus now I have a new favourite time of the day and that my mom refers to as snack time!!

I love to drive in the car with Leo (Mom drives of course) and I love running on the beach, playing in the lagoon, and even when we don’t go to the beach or the lagoon, we have a huge garden to run around in and it’s safe for us too, so I never have to worry again about dodging cars!!

At night time, my favourite bedtime story is how Mom chose me and adopted me!!

I’m really happy here in my new home, and sometimes Mom asks me if I had one wish what would it be?

My one wish would be that all my friends at KAWS find homes!!

Will you be the one to help make my wish come true?