Stitch – Our Miracle Boy…


Warning: not for sensitive viewers. Contains descriptions and photographs of an upsetting nature including animal neglect and abuse.

Written by Karin de Beer – KAWS (Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society) Administration Officer

Professional photography by Shannon Fletcher

Stitch arrived at Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society on the 15th of March 2021. He was found trapped in a snare by people walking in the forest. How he got there or where he’s from, we don’t know. According to the vet who treated him, he’d been lying in the snare during ice-cold and rainy winter days for at least two weeks. Stitch is a miracle!

It’s a miracle he was found. It was a miracle he survived the four-hour surgery, and it’s a miracle that he recovered in a way that no one could tell that his body was almost cut in half.

Stitch is estimated to be six or seven years old – he is a very gentle and obedient soul. He gives cuddles, always stays away from trouble, and he loves a little playtime; but even more, eh loves to relax in the sun and go for slow walks.

He has a good relationship with everyone and everything, and he’ll let puppies sleep on top of him for comfort! Stitch is wonderful, he is a miracle, and he deserved the best home!

After plenty of love, cuddles and recuperation, Stitch was adopted on the 25th of June 2021 by Helena Freislich and now leads the life he deserves.

Helena Freislich, Stitches new owner, shares… READ MORE.

Letter of Thanks

28 June 2022

Dear Karen, Staff and Volunteers at KAWS


My 80-year-old mom and I often come to Betty’s. A visit to KAWS is always on the agenda as we feel so welcome there and enjoy the animals, people, and lovely shop. After our beloved Staffie passed, it took us a while to find the right new addition to our family. Eventually we were able to visit KAWS. Karin listened carefully to our needs and immediately identified Tatum as the right dog for us.


This week, on the 1st of July, Tatum has been with us for a year! She is such a special soul that fit perfectly with our family. We adore her and can not thank KAWS enough for this blessing in our lives. She is a gentle soul, fierce protector and adorable love-bug. We cannot thank Karin enough for her insight and assistance in choosing Tatum.


We kept the name KAWS gave to her, as Tatum means: “Cheerful bringer of joy” and it fits her nature perfectly!


To Karin and all the volunteers and staff at KAWS we are so grateful for the work you do. We are in awe of your kindness, determination, patience, and expertise. Know that you are appreciated!


With much love,


An-Maree Nel and Minnie-Louw Joubert