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Fostering means bringing a rescued, homeless pet into a loving and caring home, for a while, until a permanent, forever home can be found.

People often say they feel unable to foster a rescued pet, because it would be just too traumatising to give up the pet when it was adopted. People also say, after a beloved pet has passed on, they could never have another pet because it’s all too heart-breaking!

But, consider this – a pet waiting in a loving, caring home until their forever family comes along, or just waiting ………. in a shelter!  Also, not all shelters are pro-life which means if pets are not fostered or adopted within a certain time period, they are euthanised!

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Fostering has enormous benefits for rescued pets as well as the shelters where they come from.  So, in this instance, we should try to ‘park’ our own emotional needs and just do it – to make a difference!

Fostering is essential in the animal rescue world.  Not only is it of enormous benefit for the animals but also for the host.  These are some of the most obvious reasons to foster:

  • the pet is able to integrate into a family environment where they are shown love and caring
  • a foster home gets to know the pet and so gathers valuable information for a potential adoption, e.g. is the animal good with children, etc.
  • a senior citizen no longer has to worry about their pet out-living them
  • a fostered pet makes way at the shelter for another pet in need
  • foster homes reduce the number of pets euthanised

If you want to make the world a better place, foster a rescued pet.

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