Adoption info

At KAWS we aim to encourage responsible animal ownership and to ensure that the adoption of an animal from KAWS is a positive experience for the new owner, the adopted animal and the wider community.

To ensure that the owner will be able to meet the needs of the animal, and that the match between an animal and their new owner is appropriate, KAWS follows strict guidelines in assessing the suitability of the proposed home.

KAWS shelter staff will conduct a very strict pre-adoption assessment of new owners to determine the type of animal best suited for their lifestyle and residential circumstances and ensure a good match between the animal and the owner is achieved. All members of the household (including existing pets) must be considered in the decision to adopt an animal and in the selection of that animal.

Click here to download our dog and cat adoption form

Click this link to download our informative adoption brochure which contains information regarding adoption, fostering and sponsoring, as well as details about our dogs and cats.