Approaching the Xmas season with your pet.

We are about to enter the silly season , and that means that if you are going away, please make sure that your dog or cat has been booked into a suitable kennel or cattery. If you decide to leave your pet at home with a neighbour or pet sitter looking after your pet, please also make sure that the person you are entrusting your animal too, is somebody who is responsible and not somebody who is going to forget to feed and provide fresh water for your pet. A responsible pet sitter will ensure that your pet has company during the day, and that your dog is walked at least twice a day, and that the littler box for your cat is also cleaned on a daily basis. Pets need to have companionship too, so it’s not about just rushing in and feeding and watering, it’s about providing that loving touch, patting your dog, throwing a ball for him, and spending some time playing with your cat as well. Provide your pet sitter with the name and telephone number of your vet so that in the event that your pet takes ill, your pet sitter will know how to contact your vet.

Prior to going away, make sure that your pet sitter and your pet are well acquainted with each other. Get your pet sitter to join you prior to you going away, on walks with your dog, so that your dog and your pet sitter get used to each other. Don’t just assume that all pet sitters will be compatible with your dog! Make sure that not only are you happy with your pet sitter but that your pet is happy with his or her sitter as well. The last thing you want is to receive a distraught call from your pet sitter refusing to continue to look after your pet when you are 500 km’s away enjoying your hard earned break!

A little bit of home work before hand will make for an enjoyable holiday for you and for a happy pet as well.

There are many organisations out there who offer professional pet sitting services.

Here are a few links which may assist you in your search:

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